Animation arctic bear dating girlfriend polar

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Animation arctic bear dating girlfriend polar

In fact, the nearest thing there is to conflict is the fact that polar bear just won't take a hint.

However, with the additional insight provided by the polar bear's thoughts, the reader knows much earlier on that his affections are genuine (if misguided), so there's little sense of danger in these pages, no matter how hard the terrified seal shakes.At worst the manipulation just feels clumsily earnest.There is something sincere in the tragic material that suggests is taking the emotions of this story more seriously than its generally flippant tone and its idiotic sensibilities hint, an unnamable element that actually makes seal's constant fear of being eaten simultaneously funnier and sadder when it becomes clear his fear is very justified.But Polar Bear's total refusal to eat the seal disrupts this.On the one hand, it's true love conquering even instinct, or perhaps Polar Bear's traumatic cubhood driving him to find a new family.

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On the other, did Polar Bear learn nothing from Whale or his adoptive mother? That, of course, is hardly a factor in the story, nor should it necessarily be.