Amy adams and patrick dempsey dating

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Amy adams and patrick dempsey dating

She's had scores of both critically acclaimed flicks and genuine box office successes. Yet, one thing curiously remains missing from her resumé: an seems like a perfect opportunity for one.It grossed 0.5 million worldwide and undoubtedly helped put it in the mind of Disney execs that live-action princess movies were viable pursuits.The cold-hearted Queen is worried about losing her power and is determined to get rid of the beautiful girl.The beginning of ENCHANTED is animated in classic hand drawn Disney style.The culture clash between the fantasy land of Andalasia (where everyone is animated) and the real world of New York (populated by live actors) is vividly contrasted in the change from animation to live action.ENCHANTED’s fabulous musical numbers were written by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. As soon as Amy came into the room and read for us, we knew she was Giselle, says executive producer, Chris Chase.Amy Adams stars in the new Disney film ENCHANTED, as a beautiful maiden, about to marry the prince of her dreams when she is suddenly banished from her idyllic magic kingdom, to the harsh reality of New York.There she encounters a very different, more realistic kind of romance, with a cynical lawyer, (Patrick Dempsey) who is also a single parent and does not believe in happy ever after endings.

She's scored five Oscar nominations, worked with major directors like David O.Meanwhile the plot thickens as Prince Edward (James Marsden) follows his true love to Manhattan to find her and take her home.The wicked queen Narissa follows too, transforming herself into a hag, in order to trick Giselle.She meets Robert, a handsome divorce lawyer, played by Patrick Dempsey, who reluctantly takes her home that he shares with his little daughter.Robert already has a girlfriend (Idina Menzel) but finds himself increasingly attracted to the strange but lovely fairy tale princess, who has stormed into his life.

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Acclaimed composer Alan Menken wrote the music for the first film, so hopefully Adam Shankman is working alongside the writer for the developing sequel.

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