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He wanted to spend his last days at home on his ranch and that is exactly how he did it.His children and his wife wrote this obit and we hope he would have liked it but for once we all had the last word on Dad. He was more than a husband and father, he was friend, confidant and fixer of all things.Then again, that victory was always assured anyway.

After high school Pat entered Southwestern University at Georgetown in 1954 and it was there in in a Biology class that he met a young blonde girl from Beaumont, Texas, Cynthia Robichaux, who became quickly enamored by the dark haired young man with the most amazing blue eyes she'd ever seen and three months later they were married in Burnet, Texas.While still in Beaumont was active in civic affairs and was elected by the Beaumont Jaycees as their state director and was a working member of the YMBL. James Episcopal church where he was the Sunday School Superintendent and on the Vestry there and his wife Cynthia was the church secretary.He belonged to the Pinewood County Club and Business and Professional Mens Club. In 1975 Pat and a longtime friend and co-worker, Jesse Lopez, left Gulfco to start their own steel forging business, Liberty Forge Inc. Once again Pat was involved in the civic affairs but in Liberty, Texas, where he spent the next ten year as President and co-owner of the company before selling out to his partner and moving to the hill country and Blanco County.But behind all the chattering-class hype and middlebrow fanfare, there is something lacking when Albarn launches his new “folk opera” Doctor Dee at the Manchester International Festival, an eight-show prelude to its longer run next year at the ENO in London as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.Taking in mummers and Morris dancers, queens and magicians, ghosts and angels, Doctor Dee is a Pagan-punk pageant stretching from the necromantic dark ages to the New Romantic era.


It is hard to pinpoint exactly when Damon Albarn convinced himself he could do no wrong.

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