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Alexis dating

At Kristina's memorial service, the devastated Alexis berates Sonny, Jason, and Roy Di Lucca, and reminds Sonny that her "Cassadine ancestors were ruling countries when his were toiling in the fields with the other peasants." Alexis gives birth to a very premature baby girl, whom she names Kristina.She and Ned furiously work to keep Sonny from learning the truth.During a fire at the Port Charles Hotel, Alexis reveals to Carly that Sonny is actually Kristina's father.Fellow lawyer Ric Lansing flirts with Alexis a lot when they see each other in courtrooms.Jason and Sam insist that Manny is faking and that things will end badly, but Alexis refuses to heed their warnings and successfully gets Manny acquitted.Ironically, Jason and Sam's warnings prove true when Manny reverts to his old ways by kidnapping Elizabeth Webber.

She fakes dissociative identity disorder to avoid jail time, while Ned is given custody of Kristina.

He pursues Alexis initially to get even with Sonny, but ends up falling for her, as well.

When Kristina is diagnosed with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant, Sonny learns the truth, and it is discovered that Kristina's only hope for survival is in the stem cells from the unborn child of Sonny and his former lover Sam Mc Call.

Ric and Alexis get married as a way to fight Sonny when he files for custody of Kristina. Sonny confesses to the crime, and Alexis wants him to go to prison to protect Kristina.

However, Sonny abruptly agrees to shared custody, and Alexis is given sole custody of Kristina. However, Ric throws the case, and Sonny gets acquitted, knowing Sonny was not responsible.

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However, Alexis didn't want to become like the rest of the cruel, murderous Cassadines, and gave up her position as princess.

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