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Even the premise is so tired it should be taken off the field in a stretcher. There’s something charismatic about Alex, a guy I had lunch with last summer (Check out the blog item Lunch with a Vampire).

The Australian charmed me then, and he’s still oozing charisma. Watch this video OK, maybe not exactly “Angel,” but not bad. You know you should objectively sit down and critique a show based on things like execution, acting, writing, and so on.

Batting the eye lashes and looking right into your soul…….asking if you are okay! Without even trying, without even taking his clothes off, he just turns on the heat – at full blast!!

When last we saw the lovely Mick, he had become mortal and no longer feared the garlic. And if I was doing that for “Moonlight,” I would have to admit that perhaps Alex O’Loughlin – who plays private investigator Mick St.

Subtitles are available in English (for the Hearing Impaired), Spanish, French and The insert has brief descriptions and original airdates for all the episodes.

Play-all function is available from the main screen or you can choose the episode you want to view. If, like me, this is your first time watching the series, I’d recommend that you skip the recap because the one that I chose to watch gave away an important series moment coughbulletholeintheforeheadcough.

), choosing an island exploration over, say, coffee.

Mick gets his blood the old fashion way – he buys it at the blood bank.

AUDIO/VIDEO/EXTRASAll 16 episodes come packaged on 4 DVDs in a streamlined casing.

The image maintains the letterbox format of the series’ original airing.

Logan caught up to Lynn and held her hostage to draw Steve out, but Mc Garrett feigned having zero concern for the woman he had just met.

When Logan then went to escape the island, Steve got the drop on the goon and proceeded to take him back to Honolulu, where he was returned to prison.

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While all this drama unfolds, Mick still finds time to put down baddies, usually of the vampiric fold.

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