Against dating interracial people

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Against dating interracial people

Luke, a white seventh grader, believes his parents would not be supportive if he dated an African-American girl."Honestly I don't think my parents would be too happy because ...Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brien interviewed a panel of parents whose children participated in the AC360° study and were vocal about the issue of interracial dating.The father of Luke, the white middle-schooler, said his son might have gotten the wrong impression from a conversation he and his wife had with Luke's older sister."She informed me she had started going out with an African-American ... A young man that we knew, and that we liked a lot and it wasn't that we didn't so much want them dating because of race per se.He also admitted that the issues facing friends in interracial marriages were at the forefront of his mind. we've talked about those kind of things because they're real," said Gary.The father of Jimmy, the black teen, said he's supportive of his son dating girls of any race but his son's slew of white girlfriends did get him concerned.

What temerity is this, receiving constant stares and negative reactions, it is completely rude and ignorant of people.

Melanie Killen, says parents of both white and black kids have a lot of anxiety about the prospect of interracial dating.

Killen, who was hired as a consultant for the study, contends the trepidation from parents can have a profound negative effect on their children's friendships and racial attitudes as a whole.

But if my brother were to bring home a white girl, there's definitely going to be some you know controversy," she said, adding, "I think its more of a problem for people when a black man brings home a white woman because it's been like that for years."Chantay's mother Christal says she'd support her children dating any race but thinks her daughter's issue reveals concerns about whether black men view black women as inferior. For Killen, raising these issues in parents' minds is essential because they can have unintended long-term consequences.

"I think when she speaks about if her brother were to bring home a white girl, what it says I think to our kids, our black kids, is, 'Are we not good enough for our black brothers?

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They scoff and make fun of the idea that they are dating someone with a different tone of skin or ethnic background.

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