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Here is my config for DHCP on the switch -ip dhcp pool PC network domain-name dns-server default-router lease 8This is an office across the street from the main building.Dont have a router there, only a 3750 tied in via a fiber link.Earlier this week I was asked for recommendations on how to register Linux systems in DNS.While the records could be manually entered (or scripted) as static DNS records, it would be ideal if the process were more "dynamic". it would be nice if they registered in DNS directly, using secure dynamic updates." Again… Let me explain…" for Linux is quickly becomes the foremost method for domain joining Linux systems to Microsoft Active Directory. It is a Fedora hosted project that has recently moved into the mainstream channels / repos. It is available for the majority of the mainstream Linux distros (Red Hat, Cent OS, Fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Free BSD, etc). I followed your instructions and domain joined the first Linux system.

Would appreciate any pointers on getting this to work.

Machines join the LAN and get lease but still DNS not being updated.

AD appears to be working fine - I can add machines and they are duly replicated.

As a side info perhaps helpful, when examining the audit log in the dhcp subdirectory, for a complete week, not a single DNS update is made. Best regards, Tobias Olofsson Tip: If you add you own problems to someone else's thread there is a lower probability of receiving help.

Especially when you do it over a month after the last post.

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On a small network, It did work to exclude DHCP option 15 (DNS Domain name), and printers started to register in the DNS. On the small network(one subnet), after taking the Option 15 of the Scope and restarting printers they registered in DNS. I assign the IP's that the printers had to another devices and tried to let them reregister in dns without a success, they got new ip's but didn't register in DNS.