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I told them during my job interview that I valued flexibility, but when they asked what that meant I didn’t have good language to explain.After about eight months in that job, my health started to collapse.And the thing about most jobs is that you are expected to arrive at a certain time no matter how much you slept the night before. So even though I didn’t know that I would benefit from accommodations, I still got them.When I woke up in a lot of pain, I could tell my boss I was working from home and then curl up in bed with my laptop.When the pain in my neck made it too distracting to sit at my desk, I could move to a couch and lie down with my head supported.And of course, the coworking space had unlimited coffee and loose leaf tea that I could drink in giant mugs with organic cream and local honey. I hadn’t put it all together yet, but I was developing skin and joint problems that flared whenever I didn’t make my body my first priority. I would be overseeing the launch of a brand new web publication, shaping the community, and managing the content. I didn’t know that I needed accommodations, and my boss didn’t know he was offering them. My name is Brianne, and I spent about 20 years of my life managing an unidentified chronic illness. In fact, it was so manageable that I didn’t even realize I was sick.

Most afternoons I was very distracted by the pain in my neck, and I found myself focusing on productive, since this office didn’t have anywhere that I could lie down with my laptop.

I was doing my job, but I wasn’t always visibly doing it at my desk. I spent every afternoon working from a prone position on the couch. And I would be working from a desk at an office each day from nine to five.

With a 45-minute commute thrown in each way for good measure.

I had been to plenty of doctors about my vague fatigue and pain symptoms, but none of them had found anything wrong.

Since just about everybody else worked sitting at a desk all day, I didn’t know how to ask my employers for something different without looking lazy.

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On this topic, the says: “When makeup assignments are required, they should be given to bless and not punish the student.

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