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Final Edit: We've found out hoodunit, thanks to the amazing support people on discord.

We're unsure if it was an intentional sabatoge or not, but one of our former admins accounts was used to add the bot to our server.

Everythings been okay recently, but today the server was visited by 2 people who somehow managed to add a bot named "Shi" who autoassigned itself a mod role. But somehow, they still managed to delete every single server channel, and banned hundreds of members.

I'm in a discord server that's fairly large, around 1400 or so members.

These tests, as well as the interpretation of the results, are included in the linked documents below.

NI recommends you complete these tests in this order.

If any of you have any info, or can help in any way towards figuring out if we can restore what we have lost, please, please contact me.

If any discord devs are reading this, I would appreciate some help. Please, if anybody can help me I would be very appreciative. I HAVE THE ID FOR THE BOT: 285271622879805440Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5Hey all, just concluding our investigation - decided to echo what /u/Rin Horror's final edit mentioned.

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Me, and the servers admins appreciate your help immensely.

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