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Two methods that are commonly used by spammers include email spoofing and backscattering.Email spoofing is a cheating method used by spammers to make emails appear to be sent from a legitimate domain/ email address, that does not belong to them.The reason that these are tough to troubleshoot is because there’s no real way for either side to reproduce the conditions under which the message was signed and validated.The message has in its DKIM-Signature header the hashes that were generated by the signer at the time of signing, but the validator likely has no access to the signer’s infrastructure and so cannot try to reproduce the signature under the signer’s conditions.

Spammers follow this approach as it makes more people view the email since the sender appears to be authentic.

Spammers often send out emails that claim to be from authentic email senders.

These emails are mostly sent with an intent to make the recipients view the email, or sometimes to collect sensitive information (passwords, email addresses etc.) from the recipients under the pretext of being a legitimate sender.

I mentioned above that DKIM failures can be difficult to troubleshoot, and I’ll explain why that’s so here.

Some DKIM validation failures have obvious causes, such as the message not being signed, or the signing domain’s public key not being found in DNS or not being syntactically correct, or perhaps the message was obviously altered in transit.

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My goals for you with this post are that you learn and understand the following concepts about DKIM: DKIM is referred to as “content-based” authentication, rather than “path-based”, because whether or not a message passes DKIM validation is based solely on whether or not the content has changed between the time it was signed and the time validation was attempted.