2hot mobi chatting

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2hot mobi chatting

Any type of commercial use of our Services or the content included in the Services (such as, but not limited to: design, text, style, graphics, images, audio or video files, any type of code or software) is strictly prohibited.

Commercial use includes, but is not limited to: asking other users to buy or sell any service or products that are not offered by the Company, offering any type of services and goods in exchange for money, advertisement for websites, apps or brands, searching for possible employees (eg. You understand that you are not allowed to request users to attend any type of social networking event that is held for commercial purposes.

These changes might be related to new features, additional services, applicable laws or any other type of modification required to provide you a better Service.

This agreement is binding as long as you use HOOTT services, or have an account.

If such termination occurs, you shall lose all rights to your HOOTT account, as well as any unused credits, in-app purchases, and have no possibility to ask for a refund.

The company cannot be required to disclose termination reasons.

If you DO NOT AGREE to use HOOTT Services in accordance with this agreement and its Terms, with the HOOTT Privacy Policy – you must NOT ACCESS OR USE any service provided by HOOTT.

You may use Services provided by HOOTT only if you are 18 years old or older (in case the legal majority age in your country of residence is greater than 18).

The Company is not responsible for any type of damages such as, but not limited to: emotional stress, physical injury, any other type of physical or emotional damage that may occur when you communicate with other users or meet them in person as a result of using the Service.

– Fires three bullets per shot at the cost of one ammo.

The shot spread takes the shape of a smiley face, with two eyes and a wide grin.

HOOTT Services users may not use the information provided via our service to contact other users in attempts to sell, buy, advertise to other users.

You maynot gather usernames and/or email address of HOOTT Users with the purpose of spamming, sending promotional offers, etc.

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The spread starts out tight, lengthens, and then closes in again.

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